Wednesday, August 6

Continental TKC 70 Tires: Whichever Road You Choose

If Robert Frost was riding his BMW R1200GSW through a yellow wood and had two paths from which to choose, one paved and the other a bit more rugged, which one would he take? It’s a tough question.

The new Continental TKC 70 Tires were built for such a conundrum; which road/path to take? It is half the fun of being a motorcyclist to begin with. As great as the Continental TKC 80 Tires have been and continue to be, one well-founded complaint has been that they do not last incredibly long when utilized on paved roads. This is true, and is also to be expected as they were not meant for heavy road usage.

Enter the TKC 70 which has been specifically designed to combat this exact scenario. With a tread pattern and chemical compound focused more on gripping asphalt (in all conditions), the usability of the TKC 70 is slightly more street oriented in nature than its predecessor. Rather than the 40/60 design for the TKC 80 (40% on road / 60% off road), the TKC 70 is seen to be more along a 50/50, and probably even more of a 60/40 split. The reduced size of the tread, as well as a more refined pattern, will improve on-road handling, reduce the noise from heavy clogs, increase wet grip traction, and extend the overall life of the tire itself. At the same time, it has not lost its focus as an ADV tire and forgone its ability to take on an unpaved path.

So the answer to the question remains… which path would Robert Frost take? The answer: Who the heck knows? I surely do not. But that is the whole point after all. We all pick our own paths to follow… or perhaps blaze! So I honestly have no idea which way he would go. However, if he was rocking the new Continental TKC 70 tires, he’d be set either way.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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***If you haven’t read The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost… do it now. For real. It is pretty rad.

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