Friday, August 1

Dainese Air Flux D1 Jacket: Sophisticated Simplicity

Simplicity is at the heart of great design. It is much tougher to do something succinctly and precisely than it is to throw a ton of extraneous fluff on your original idea and then call it a day. Such thought was at the forefront of the newly redesigned Air Flux from Dainese.

The Dainese Air Flux D1 Jacket’s slightly heavier duty Quick Dry fabric replaces the previous iteration’s XY Stum Fabric. The chest pockets have been removed and while reflectivity has been lost from the forearms, it has been added to the back. The same functionality, through waist and wrist adjustment, as well as removable composite protectors, can be found in both versions. In the end, the focus from Dainese was on simplifying the original, and by streamlining the design, they have done exactly that.

Dainese Air Flux D1 Jacket Review:

The women’s edition has also undergone the same type of redesign. The most visible changes can be seen in the way that both the men’s and women’s versions now match more closely than they did previously. With a European cut and a focus on flattering, feminine lines, the Dainese Women’s Air Flux D1 Jacket is a solid option for a lightweight, high-quality, summer motorcycle jacket.

When the hot weather hits and you are looking for a jacket to keep you cool on the bike, just keep it simple. With the new Dainese Air Flux D1 Jacket, there is an option for everyone.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,

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