Friday, August 22

Icon 1000 Quartermaster Cardigan: A Solid Base

My middle school math teacher always said a good understanding of the basics was an essential foundation. I did not like math. However, I do like motorcycles, and when prepping for a cool-weather ride, the same principles hold true. You need a good base.
Icon 1000 Quartermaster Cardigan
The Icon 1000 Quartermaster Cardigan is built to be worn as either as casual wear or as a  mid/base layer underneath the outer shell of your moto jacket. With a knit poly outer shell that has been bonded to a 390g fleece lining, this cardigan provides a warm, comfortable option to help extend your riding season. Additional features include synthetic leather patches at the shoulder and elbows as well as handwarmer pockets that you can make use of while off of the bike.

Icon 1000 Quartermaster Cardigan Review:

I did not listen much in math class. It was boring. What is not boring is getting to spend more time on your motorcycle when the seasons turn cold. For the best results in such a scenario, it is all about having the right foundation.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride.

- Juice
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