Tuesday, August 19

Joe Rocket Women's Classic '92: That Was Two Decades Ago?

Wait, is it 2014 already? Where did the time go? 1992 is now “classic”? This is pure craziness. Insanity. It’s a good thing that Joe Rocket feels the same and has set to rewind the clock with their ‘92 collection of motorcycle gear.
Joe Rocket Women's Classic '92 Motorcycle Jacket
The new Joe Rocket Women’s Classic ‘92 Jacket is just that, classic. With sleek lines and a very feminine cut, the 1.0-1.2mm drum dyed cowhide is tailored for a relaxed fit that is loaded with vintage style. While the jacket does not come with armor, it does have pockets that can be utilized to upgrade at a later date if you so choose. From the subtle tone on tone badging to the YKK zippers throughout, there is no mistaking the retro theme and stylistic flavor of this jacket.

Joe Rocket Women's Classic Motorcycle GlovesTo complete the throwback look, the Joe Rocket Women’s Classic Gloves have been designed to match the jacket in both aesthetic and attitude. By making use of the same style of drum dyed leather you will get a seamless transition from the hand to the arm where the sleeves connect with the wrist. For comfort, vibration dampening gel has been built into the palm and pre-curved fingers have been crafted to increase comfort throughout the ride.

1992 became “classic” pretty quick, or at least it feels like it. That was over two-decades ago! Yikes. No matter how old you were then, or if you had an age to count at all at that point, this jacket is one that will take you back to a time of Fabio’s golden hair, the Super Soaker 100, and Aladdin on the big screen… all of which are pretty darn awesome!

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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