Monday, September 1

REV'IT! Vapor Pants: Go Anywhere... In Your Pants!

Going along with the "go anywhere" ethos of the REV'IT Vapor Jacket, the new REV'IT! Vapor Pants share a similar mission as they are built to accompany the other half.

REV'IT! Vapor Motorcycle PantsAs the lower portion connects to the jacket through either a short or long connection zipper, they have been designed to work cohesively from the beginning. The outer shell is made from the same combination of Schoeller and REV’IT! PWR textiles with a dobby finish that matches the jacket. The waterproof Hydratex liner is baked into the shell, as well, so the only removable liner is a full-length thermal liner. The Vapor pants come with CE-Rated armor in both the knees and the hips, and the knee armor is adjustable, as well. Sizing adjustment comes from a pair of straps at the waist and adjustment tabs at the ankles and calves.

A few of the standout features we really appreciate are the zippered thermal liner, the included Seesoft hip armor, the adjustable knee armor, and stretch material at the top and back of the knee. The main jeer against these pants is that the ventilation is limited to just the upper legs, and the vents are to the liner and not direct to the body.

REV'IT! Vapor Pants Review:

The Vapor pants are available in black and come with the same laminated reflectivity as the jacket. The Vapor pants will come in sizes small through 3XL in regular lengths, large through 2XL in short lengths, and medium through XL in long lengths.

REV’IT! knows how much of a smash hit the Sand 2 jacket and pants are, and the new Vapor line is the perfect complement for someone who needs something a little simpler for commuting or sport touring. The dual liner system in the Sand 2 is versatile, especially when doing serious off-road work, but it requires carrying the liners with you in the jacket pockets. With the Vapor, that process is simplified, and the end result is versatile everyday jacket that will spend very little time in a closet.

- FlipZwiki

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