Monday, September 1

Roland Sands Folsom and Bandito: Vintage Style

Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that motorcycling is all about the gear, or even the bikes themselves. It is at least a little bit about style. Okay… so it is A LOT about style!

The new Roland Sands Folsom Sweater is a style piece that is available for the fall of 2014. Pulling heavily from the prison style from which it gets its name, this sweater is constructed of a wool blend and Maroon/Burgundy on Black color scheme. With the perfect weight to make a solid base layer, this is a great option to wear underneath your outer jacket and rock stylishly at your destination.
Roland Sands Bandito Shirt

Similar to the Folsom, the new Roland Sands Bandito Shirt is meant to be worn as a fashionable piece of clothing and not a protective piece of motorcycle gear. As a base layer or destination apparell it just radiates vintage style and has a very nice fit while exuding the signature Roland Sands aesthetic. With premium finishes, an American relaxed fit, and plenty of classic attitude, this is yet another top-tier piece from RSD.

Roland Sands Bandito Shirt Review:

As the undisputed king of throwback moto-culture and style, Roland Sands is a designer that knows how to make a statement. He does not compromise on his vision and you shouldn’t either!

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,

- Juice
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