Monday, October 6

Sena 10U Bluetooth Headset: Change the Game

Every now and then something comes along that just changes expectations. Edison transformed how we expect to see in the night. Apple forever altered the way we expect to hear music. That is the nature of innovators. Now, we can add Sena to the list as well as they have taken steps to change what we expect out of our helmet communicators.

Recently Sena has been working closely with helmet manufacturers to better integrate their products in a way that benefits motorcyclists all over the world. One of the first tangible results of that collaboration can be seen in the new Sena 10U Bluetooth Headset. By working hand-in-hand with Shoei and Schuberth, Sena has been able to change the game entirely and totally remove the outward bulk of a motorcycle helmet communicator. How? Well, by taking it off of the outside of the helmet entirely! The new 10U has been specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with certain helmets in a way that will allow it to be housed within the outer shell, thus keeping a more streamlined, less obtrusive style to your inter/intra-helmet experience.

Innovation is one of the key aspects of what makes us go further, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. Technology is a great thing, and when used correctly, it has the capability to add high-value to just about anything that we do. If you are a motorcyclist looking for the tip of the spear in technological design and moto functionality with your Bluetooth communicator, the Sena 10U is the place to start your search.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

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