Friday, October 17

Sidi Traffic 2, Tour, and Mag-1 Boots: It's All About the Air

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While the rest of us up north are looking headlong into the impending winter months, the fine folks down in Florida are still enjoying the perpetual summer. Ugh, must be nice. The theme of warm weather seems to have been on Sidi’s mind this year at the American International Motorcycle Expo (that just so happens to be held in… you guessed it, Florida). The breaking news is that they have just unveiled 3 new Air models designed to keep your feet cool when the temperatures get hot.

Sidi Traffic 2 Air Motorcycle BootsThe first new boot is going to be the Sidi Traffic 2 Air Boots. These will continue the classic look of the original Traffic Air boot for the rider looking for subtle sophistication. Designed as a mid-height boot, they will provide a solid level of moto-protection, while still remaining low enough to allow for mobility throughout the mid and upper calf. This feature is going to be clutch for off of the bike walking and comfort, as well as the ability to stay agile in the saddle. The claim to fame for the Traffic 2 Air, however, is always going to be the massive amounts of air that it allow to flow between your foot and the outside world.
Sidi Tour Air Motorcycle Boots

Next on the list is the new Sidi Tour Air Boots. These will be a little beefier than than the Traffic 2 for riders who are looking for a slightly more sturdy option. With a higher-rise, the Tour Air boots will cover more of the leg, and thus provide a slightly higher degree of protection. This will make them more clunky off of the bike, however. They also have a more amped up sole and perforation that extends down through the meet of the foot, rather than stopping just above the ankle.

Sidi Mag-1 Air Motorcycle Boots
Finally, for the track/ardent sport riders, the new Sidi Mag-1 Air Boots bring perforation to some of the most premium boots on the planet! For riders in warmer climates, or who only ride in the summer months, these boots combine all of the insane features of the original Mag-1 Boots with a venting scheme that will keep your feet noticeably more comfortable. These boots are for serious riders, looking for maximum track/street utility, in the lightest, most technologically advanced boots that are available on the market.

While this information is very new to the table, more will certainly be on its way. Our team is down there right now reporting on the most recent happenings, so be sure to stay tuned as additional specs become available.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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