Wednesday, October 1

TCX X-Five EVO Boots: Attention Grabbers

“I’ll give you to the count of five!” That is something I heard often as a kid. It was a call that definitely got me to listen up right quick. In much the same way, the new TCX X-Five EVO Gore-Tex boots are an attention grabbing call for the all-weather, touring moto crowd.

TCX X-Five EVO Gore-Tex Motorcycle BootsAs a redesign of the very popular X-Five Plus GTX boots from TCX, the newest version has made updates such as improved fitment in the footbed that will better accommodate the average person’s foot. Basically, it is a little less wide than previously, so it will reduce the amount of slide that standard foot sizes may have encountered before. Additional reductions can be found in the overall height, as the X-Five Plus EVO boots are now one inch shorter than before and also have a slimmer toe box. These design changes allow for better mobility throughout the calf and more tactile interactions with the foot controls respectively. Taking all of this into consideration, along with the 100 percent guaranteed Gore-Tex waterproofing and CE certification, these boots are a great value for any all-weather, distance-inspired motorcyclist.

TCX X-Five EVO GTX Boots Review:

TCX X-Five WP Motorcycle Boots
If you are looking to save a few bucks and still retain the waterproofing capabilities for this boot, the TCX X-Five WP Boots are here to give you that exact option. With many of the same overall capabilities, the WP version makes use of the TCX proprietary waterproofing system rather than Gore-Tex. This factor will reduce the overall price of the boot by $50 and deliver a huge bang-for-your-buck.

These boots are brand new, so you definitely have way more than five seconds to check them out. If you are a touring rider looking for a comfortable pair of boots that are ready to perform in all conditions, whatever amount of time you spend looking them over will be well worth it.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride.

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