Wednesday, October 1

TCX X-Speed Boots: Moto Swagger

It’s the best part of the old westerns… that scene where the grizzled ol’ cowboy strides up to the saloon with more swagger than you’d find in 10 Old Spice commercials. The part that always stands out are the boots. When you hear them stride in, it’s clear to everyone that some buizzz-nasss is ‘bout to be handled. For those of us who make the roads of the world our business, TCX has some new options on the classic S-Speed that are here for the fall of 2014.

TCX X-Speed Motorcycle BootsThough they have been available throughout the world previously, the TCX S-Speed Boots will make their way to the U.S. market for the very first time. Not to be confused with the S-Speed WP Boots that have been available for some time, the standard version does away with the WP lining and allows your foot to breathe far better, for a more comfortable ride. By making use of the TCX Torsion Control System, which works to limit uncomfortable flexions of the foot, as well as featuring hard shin protection and reinforced heel cups, these boots have earned a CE rating for safety. At the same time, they boast a breathable Air Tech lining and padded sole for increased comfort.

TCX S-Speed Boots Review:

As motorcyclists, we all have a little bit of cowboy in us! From our affinity for quality leather, to our super cool hats, and of course our love of open spaces and fast transportation. So the next time you get ready to make a John Wayne-worthy entrance, keep the TCX S-Speed and S-Speed Gore-Tex boots in mind.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

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