Monday, November 3

Biltwell Graphics: Fresh Looks

Tony - Content Coordinator

There are not many out there who can rock the vintage style better than Biltwell. When it comes to bringing the classic to the modern motorcycling world, they have been at the forefront for some time. New for 2015, they have just made public a couple upcoming graphics that will add to their Gringo and Bonanza lines.

Biltwell Gringo Tracker Motorcycle Helmet

First on the list is the new Biltwell Gringo Tracker Helmet. Built on the hugely popular Gringo frame, this item has brought full-face protection to the vintage helmet market in an astoundingly cool way. The Tracker graphic itself only adds to that 70’s look and allows it to stand out a bit more than a solid color alone.

Biltwell Bonanza Fury Motorcycle Helmet

If an open-faced option is more your style, the Biltwell Bonanza Fury Helmet is the way to go. Again coming with the stripped theme made popular in an era before the 80’s came and blunted such a rad style, the flowing graphic of the Fury will definitely make its mark no matter the type of bike you ride. Go with the Black/Grey/Metallic Gold version… or step into a more liquidy style with the White/Blue/Light blue option.

So, if vintage style with modern comfort is your thing, give a look to the newest graphics from one of the best in the industry.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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