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Dainese Avro D1 Two Piece Race Suit: The Right Gear

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Getting on the track is a lot like stepping onto a football field (our type of football… sorry world). Basically, if you aren’t wearing the right equipment, it takes an already dangerous sport and increases it by ten fold. If Peyton Manning showed up for the Super Bowl in his gym shorts and some flip flops, they certainly would not let him on the field. Just like if you show up at the track without the right moto-gear, you won’t be racing at all that day.

Dainese Avro D1 Two Piece Motorcycle Race SuitOne thing is for certain, gearing up ain’t cheap. That being said, the Dainese Avro D1 Two Piece Race Suit offers a very high bang for its $1k buck. While that certainly is no small investment, in the world of racing suits, it is actually a pretty solid price. Additionally, as this is a two piece option, you can chose to wear the gear separately if you so choose, thus increasing the usability of each. From composite protectors to co-injected shoulder reinforcements and a CE-Cat. II certification, there is no denying that this is a great option for riders looking for the entry point to the high-end track day experience.

Making use of the exact same construction and price point, the Dainese Avro D1 Two Piece Perforated Race Suit is built to offer all of the same usability, yet at a slightly cooler internal temperature. The use of large panels of perforated leather keep the air moving. This is key in that you tend to sweat a lot while pushing yourself on the track. If that sweat has nowhere to go, you’ll be a soggy (stinky) mess during intermission as well as the rest of your day on the track.
Dainese Women's Avro D1 Two Piece Motorcycle Race Suit
For the female riders out there, the Dainese Women’s Avro D1 Two Piece Race Suit is also available. It has been too long for women riders who have had to just make due with smaller, pinked-out versions of the Men’s gear. Manufacturers are starting to get it. The Women’s D1 Two Piece Suit is testament to this as it has been expertly designed to adhere to a curvier frame and to better hug female riders more securely.

Going to the track (or just riding hard… and safely… on the street) requires the proper gear to get the job done. Paramount on that list is a full-leather suit. Going with a two piece that can be connected is a popular decision due to the increase utility as well as the comfort options that such a setup affords.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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