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Dainese D1 EVO & D1 Pred EVO Jeans: You Owe It To Your Moto-Self

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If you read this blog you probably know by now that riding in denim jeans will do next to nothing to help you out in the event of a slide. It’s just not strong enough in that regard to protect you. However, with the evolution of the industry, a whole new slew of options is available that will give you the casual look of denim, yet with more protective features that will work far better should an accident occur.

The Dainese D1 EVO Jeans are the newest iteration of reinforced denim options from the Italian manufacturer. These jeans look, feel, and generally act like denim (because they partly are), however, they are interwoven with Kevlar fibers as well as backed by Kevlar panels in the seat, hip, and knees. This increases slide time on the tarmac and brings you to a more comparable level with where moto-specific gear should be. They will also come with Pro-Shape armor included at the knee with the capability to add in hip armor as well.

The Dainese D1 Pred Evo Jeans are virtually the same, except that they do not come with Pro-Shape. Instead, they have larger knee pockets that will accept thicker grade Kit J Knee/Shin armor (which will be sold separately). As with all of the newest lineup of Dainese Denim, both of these versions will be Italian made to the highest specifications.

Dainese D1 EVO Jeans Review:

If you are going to ride, even if it is just around town, you owe it to yourself to gear up properly. To do this, you don’t have to forego fashion or comfort, and the Dainese D-1 EVO jeans stand as proof.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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