Saturday, November 1

Dainese Full Metal D1 Gloves: Simply The Best

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Have you ever taken a seat behind the wheel of a Ferrari? Yeah, me either. However, for the sake of this blog, lets just say that we have. From the precisely lined leather interior to the smooth lines of the outer shell, we would be enjoying the best that the industry had to offer. That is kind of like the new Dainese Full Metal D1 Gloves. Each is a podium topper.

As an upgrade to the original Full Metal Pro/RS, the D1 Gloves have been upped to meet CE certification. In doing so, they have improved the security of the reinforced stitching and changed the palm leather to a softer goatskin. While the former adds to the durability of the gloves in the event of an accident, the latter works to allow for better tactile feel and comfort with the controls. To armor you up against uncomfortable interactions with the tarmack, the tops of the hands come with carbon fiber and titanium inserts, as well as composite inserts in carbon fiber along the finger joints.

Dainese Full Metal D1 Gloves Review:

In short, you will not find a more premium glove on the market. With a price point of $399, that would be expected. While the Full Metal D1 Gloves certainly are not for everyone (and for many of us they will be far more than we need), if you are a rider interested in the premier gear from one of the very best manufacturers on the planet… these gloves are precisely that.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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