Saturday, November 1

Dainese Rainsun D-Dry Jacket: 2-in-1

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The Swiss Army knife had the right idea. Make things as functional as possible, with a lot of options, all-in-one. If you are a rider looking for a similarly fashioned piece of warm-weather motorcycle gear, Dainese might just have the jacket for you.

With a 2-in-1 construction, the Dainese Rainsun D-Dry Jacket consists of an outer Motegi fabric shell that has been laminated with their proprietary waterproofing underneath. In making use of a laminated option rather than a liner, it allows the jacket to open a variety of different venting options that would otherwise be unavailable. This venting is important in that it will flow air directly to the second part of the jacket, which is a high-resistance mesh chassis that holds the elbow, shoulder and back protectors. It can also be worn as its own stand-alone jacket when temperatures get too hot. From the anti-floating sleeve system, to the various other fitment perfecting adjusters throughout, this is a super comfy jacket that can be put to use in a wide-ranging array of conditions or styles.

Dainese Rainsun D-Dry Jacket Review:

Who doesn’t like getting more for what they pay? Whether it is the bang that you get from your buck by getting basically two jackets in one, or the space-saving that comes from not having to carry multiple garments for different purposes, the Rainsun D Dry Jacket from Dainese will work to make you more efficient in the wallet and the saddle.

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