Monday, January 5

Bell Mag-9 Sena Helmet: Stay Connected

Tony - Content Coordinator

It’s now 2015. Damn. 2014 went really quick! Anyway, as we move into another year, we are continuously being given the opportunity to stay ever more connected through technology. The new Bell Mag-9 SENA Helmet is a perfect example.

Bell Mag-9 SENA Motorcycle HelmetWith the advancements in helmet communicators becoming more impressive all of the time, the Mag-9 SENA helmet extends the partnership between Bell and SENA into a new era. Seamless integration of this open-face helmet with the SMH10 Bluetooth communicator is a top feature of this lid and allows riders to stay in contact with the rest of the world while riding logging miles on the bike. With 3 EPS sizes for maximum comfort and fitment, multiple configurations that include shielded/shieldless set ups, and velocity flow ventilation for top-grade airflow throughout, the Mag-9 SENA helmet is truly unique.

So, if you are a rider looking to stay connected, stay comfy, and maximize your efficiency while out on the road, check out the Mag 9 SENA and SMH10 bluetooth communicator combo.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,


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