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Bell MX-9 Graphics: Airtrix Paradise, Blockade, & Barricade

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Bell has a great line up of helmets coming out in 2015. The MX-9 is certainly going to be a solid choice for any of you dirt slingers out there. Not only does this helmet come equipped with great features it also comes equipped with a lot of awesome graphics for the new year. If I was going to get round housed kicked in the face by Chuck Norris, I hope I would have the pleasure of wearing the Bell MX-9. Yeah, maybe I am a bit too excited about the new Bell helmets and graphics coming out. Maybe Chuck Norris jokes never get old, maybe they do…

Bell MX-9 Helmet Review:

Bell MX-9 Airtrix Paradise Motorcycle Helmet

First out of the gate is the Bell MX-9 Airtrix Paradise Helmet. While the name may lead you to believe you are going to be doing some trix in the air, unless you are Travis Pastrana or some of his crazy friends, I would not bank on this helmet giving you the ability to do a triple backflip. I would, however, bank on this graphic being a solid option to add to the forever growing closet of gear.

Bell MX-9 Blockade Motorcycle Helmet

Next up we have the Bell MX-9 Blockade Helmet in black as well as an orange option. I may be a little biased and I have no idea why, but the orange looks pretty rad. For those who do not like really loud graphics the Blockade will certainly add some style without being over the top. For those of you who like some flare that orange should definitely grab some attention.

Bell MX-9 Barricade Motorcycle Helmet

Last but certainly not the least we have the Bell MX-9 Barricade Helmet. Yet another killer graphic that will add some spunk to the wardrobe. The Barricade will be offered in a Matte Black as well as Red. Taking fine lines, simplicity, and style to a whole new level. Too much? Maybe...but I am really digging this graphic in red.

Though our wallets may get a bit thinner, 2015 is looking like it is going to be a great year full of awesome gear. Bell is coming right of the gate very strong with new helmets and awesome graphics to go along. I hope this helps give you some insight to some of the new graphics and you are as stoked as I am to get your paws on them. Bell MX-9 out, drop the mic.

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