Monday, January 5

Bell Revolver EVO Graphics: Ghost, Segment, & Optimus Hi-Viz

Drew - Gear Geek

As Game of Thrones has told us, winter is coming!...but spring will soon be upon us. The snow will melt, flowers will bloom, and furry creatures throughout the northern hemisphere will awaken from their states of inactivity and metabolic depression known as hibernation. We hairy hominids will raise up our garage doors, throw off the covers, and clear away the cobwebs from our trusty two-wheeled steeds. Here at RevZilla, the new year means new helmets, specifically new helmet graphics. The Bell Revolver EVO Helmet has been a staple of Bell’s lineup for the past couple seasons and continues to be a perennial favorite. With its internal sun shade, lightweight polycarbonate shell, and NutraFog II anti-fog face shield, you’ll be able to keep focus in any weather. For 2015, Bell gives us three new graphic colorways.

Bell Revolver EVO Ghost Motorcycle HelmetGrab the Ecto-Cooler, summon the Swayze, and prepare for some paranormal activity, because the new Bell Revolver EVO Ghost Helmet is about to “bust” onto the scene. If you’re a sucker for seances, a phantom fanatic, or an apparition aficionado, this new Bell is the helmet for you. The black and white graphics evoke the dichotomy of light and dark, of yin and yang, of good and evil, while the simple red pinstriping represents our fragile humanity as it hangs in the balance. It elicits our quest for enlightenment and sense of adventure as we yearn to twist our collective wrists and ride off into the sunset.

Bell Revolver EVO Ghost Helmet Review:

Revolver EVO Segment Motorcycle HelmetDon’t touch that dial, because after the break, the new Bell Revolver EVO Segment Helmet is sure to catch your attention. With streaks of red and grey set atop a jet black base, its go-fast looks will have you approaching light speed in a fraction of a second, even standing still! The Segment equals awesome squared. So forget about long division and portion control, and grab a piece of the action that is this helmet. It’s all that and a slice of pie.

Bell Revolver EVO Optimus Motorcycle Helmet

Next up is the Bell Revolver EVO Optimus Hi-Vis Helmet, a prime example of hi-viz hotness. The shell is full fluorescent, while the blacked-out chinbar keeps it looking sharp. Remember, sometimes it’s good to keep things a little dark. To me, it’s a bit more Bumblebee than Optimus Prime, but no matter how you look at it, you are sure to be seen! It’ll transform you from hidden target to full-on hi-viz hero. With this new graphic, you’ll be sure to keep those Decepticon cagers at bay!

Whether you’ve got a need for speed, need to be seen, or just need to contemplate your place in the universe, one of these lids should fit the bill.

- Drew

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