Monday, January 5

Bell Schott Moto Jacket: Two of the Best

Tony - Content Coordinator

If there is one thing cooler than a classic leather motorcycle jacket, it is a limited edition  classic leather motorcycle jacket that has come about as a collaboration between two of the industry’s most well-regarded titans. Bell helmets and Schott jackets have heeded the call and come together to create the Bell Schott Moto Jacket, which pulled from the legacy of each brand, and culminated with a luxurious leather option for true motorcycle enthusiasts.

Bell Schott Motorcycle JacketWith only 250 jackets that will ever be produced, this is a true “limited” style. Each jacket is constructed of 100% horsehide, which allows it to last longer, wear better, and be more durable over time than many of its contemporaries. Sleek lines, minimal branding, and vintage inspiration are so ingrained in the DNA of this jacket that it exudes classic cool to a degree uncommon in modern jackets. It is not a poser. It is not a cheap replica. It is the real deal, for real riders, who really dig the Americana represented by the Bell and Schott brands. Each jacket is individually numbered, meticulously crafted, and stamped with a 1954 die punch detail to commemorate the inaugural year of Bell helmets.

Motorcycle jackets of any kind are pretty cool. That is why we dig them so much. However, there is just something special about a throwback leather option that has been inspired by true pillars and founders of the industry. There will be 250 riders on this planet to rock this jacket, so check it out!

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

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