Thursday, January 15

Dainese Kevin and Zack Jackets: Your New Friends

Tony - Content Coordinator

Kevin and Zack. They seem like good dudes. Simple, fun, low maintenance, and just generally the kind of fellas you’d like to hang out with around town. They're stylish too. Trust me on that one. Dainese apparently knows them well also, and have encapsulated the Kevin and Zack ethos into two new jackets for 2015.
Dainese Zack Textile Motorcycle Jacket
The new Dainese Zack Textile Jacket is a sleek, around-town commuter jacket that offers lightweight protection for low-speed treks on the motorbike. With Pro-Shape armor at the shoulders and elbows with a pocket for a G1 or G2 back protector if you so choose, there is a degree of impact protection that is higher than a regular, non-moto jacket of similar style. While it does not afford the slide protection that a leather or more tactile textile might allow for, it will certainly look stylish and allow you to keep a bit of Italian moto in your daily commute.
The Dainese Kevin Textile Motorcycle Jacket
For a slightly heartier build, the Dainese Kevin Textile Jacket offers many of the same protective features as the Zack, yet it does so with a bit more overall utility. In addition to the Pro-Shape protectors and G1/G2 compatibility, the Kevin jacket comes with a little more beefiness geared for better combating the elements along your ride. Still stylish, still comfortable, and still sexy Italian moto in style, this jacket comes with thermal insulation to help keep you warm should the weather turn slightly cooler than ideal.

As we progress towards the new riding season and look forward to the many places we will go on our bikes, keep the city inspired collection from Dainese in mind and see what Kevin and Zack are up to!

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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