Tuesday, January 20

Scorpion Yuma Jacket: So Hot!

Philip - Gear Geek

The wide open road is calling, and even though the temperature is well below most of our ages around the country this gives us time to dream of all the adventures we want to take when the temperature begins to rise. If your dreams include getting off the beaten path and taking on the summer heat then Scorpion has some new gear for your consideration. The Scorpion Yuma Jacket (they even named it after a hot place) should be high on your list for consideration to take on the heat.

Scorpion Yuma Motorcycle JacketNew for 2015 Scorpion is introducing the Yuma, a 2 season, ¾ length, hot weather jacket for tackling those extreme summer rides. Featuring a 500D nylon main body construction with 1680D at the elbows for extra impact/slide protection. Large mesh vent panels to help keep you comfortable in the heat and a plethora of pockets to store all your adventuring needs. To help keep you protected it will include Sas-Tec armor in the elbows and shoulders and a pocket to add an optional Sas-Tec back protector. Finally, incase you get caught in some rain, it has a removable H2OBlok liner to keep you dry.

Scorpion Yuma Jacket Review:

Scorpion is stepping up the game in a big way bringing you a quality jacket that won’t roast your piggy bank. So if you are dreaming of warmer weather like me this winter, add the Yuma to that ever growing wishlist. Get out and explore the less beaten path this year in the Scorpion Yuma.

- PhilaZilla

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