Friday, January 23

Speed and Strength Fame and Fortune Jacket

Just past dusk, the night is becoming more still.  Billowing clouds of smoke pour quietly into the starless sky, illuminated by the industrial lights nearby.  A light rumble begins to grow, distant at first, but growing quickly.  The twin is screaming through its gears, echoing loudly off the abandoned building walls, as this mysterious rider swerves viciously from alley to alley.  With a hard stomp of the right foot, the rear skids around, sliding to a stop, and the rider steps off.  The casual looking, vintage jacket is the star of the show, straight out of the winter version of a dystopian future.  This is riding in style. This is the essence of the Speed and Strength Fame and Fortune Jacket.
Speed and Strength Fame and Fortune Motorcycle Jacket
Speed and Strength has hit the vintage, casual look right on the head with their new Fame and Fortune 3/4 length riding jacket.  This 1-2 season, primarily cool weather jacket does not quit after killing it with looks, because it actually performs in conditions real riders see.  Throw 9 pockets on a water and abrasion resistant outer shell, then fully deck it out with armor and throw in an insulated vest, and you have the making of straight up Fame.  Bring all of this together with vintage classic good looks, and an extremely affordable price, and you know Fortune is to come.

Speed and Strength Fame and Fortune Jacket Review:

Finally, the riders who want to lay down the miles, but look good while doing so are getting some options in the moto world.  Speed and Strength has given us another choice, without the need for a small loan to accomplish it.  We will be keeping our eye on this new line, and look forward to more that may come.

- Strader

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