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Icon Airmada Graphics: Vitriol, Shadow Warrior, & Lucky Lid 2

Jon - Gear Geek

Icon's helmet graphics are like a psychedelic fever dream. They are ravishing nightmares. Portals into a worlds filled with prudent demons and peaceful warriors. I am trying to get all poetic in my juxtapositions. All I know is that the new Vitriol, Shadow Warrior, and Lucky Lid graphics look sick on the Icon Airmada. The Icon Airmada comes in 4 shell sizes and 5 EPS liners to give you a tailored low profile fit. The upgraded vent scheme puts the air in Airmada.
Icon Airmada Vitriol Motorcycle Helmet
The Icon Airmada Vitriol Helmet graces both the Airmada and Variant helmet models. This graphic will be perfect for pretty much any motorcyclist looking for something dark and aggressive. Skull? Check. Venomous snake? Check. Sense of fear and foreboding in onlookers? Double-check. Good vibes all around.

Icon Airmada Vitriol Helmet Review:

Icon Airmada Shadow Motorcycle Helmet

The mean green Icon Airmada Shadow Warrior Helmet depicts a long haired swordsman dicing up a giant skeleton warrior. I think Icon was trying to show the transcendental importance of conditioning regularly. Seriously, that guy's ponytail is amazing, lots of body and sheen. Dare I say this graphic would look good on a Kawasaki? I dare do.

Icon Airmada Shadow Warrior Helmet Review:

Icon Airmada Lucky Lid 2 Motorcycle Helmet

The Icon Airmada Lucky Lid 2 Helmet appears happily cartoonish and fun until you notice the re-animated skeleton freaking out the jack of diamonds. Pay no mind to the creepy king trying to get lucky with the queen. You take a risk whenever you ride, might as well add some luck wherever you can with the Lucky Lid 2 graphic.

Icon Airmada Lucky Lid 2 Helmet Review:

Icon's new graphics do not disappoint. They have something for everyone, as long as you are into skulls and awesomeness and I don't know any motorcyclists who are not. The Airmada is a solid performing street helmet and the new graphics keep this staple helmet fresh.

- SantoZilla

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