Sunday, February 1

Roland Sands Seeker Jacket: Not Your Grandmother's Quilt

Drew - Gear Geek

Leave it to Roland Sands to keep things stylish. The ex-racer, master bike builder, and all-around good guy is at it again with his new collection of apparel. Whether it’s the chopper, bobber, brat, cafe, or scrambler scene, Roland always knows a good look. One standout for me is the new Roland Sands Seeker Jacket.

Roland Sands Seeker JacketThe Seeker Jacket is a tip of the hat to the classics from Barbour and Belstaff - British sophistication with an American fit and feel. Basically, it’s a car coat...for your bike. With its quilt-stitched, waxed finish cotton/poly/nylon blend construction, it’s stronger than Bounty. Call it the quilted quicker-hipster-picker-upper. If that’s not enough, the overdye ‘Ink’ blue color will have everyone calling you Dapper Dan. It also has a flannel inner liner  and corduroy-backed placket for that rough and tumble yet refined aesthetic. The Seeker Jacket features pockets for CE-rated shoulder, elbow, and back protectors, which are available separately (full beard also not included). And if you catch a little heat from the 5-0...or your shotgun drags, the included pit zips will keep you cool and collected.

Roland Sands Seeker Jacket Review:

“I’m sorry, officer, what was that? Oh! No, I didn’t realize my pipes were that loud.”

The Roland Sands Seeker Jacket is a great casual riding piece. Though it doesn’t have the abrasion resistance of leather or a more technical textile, adding the optional armor will provide some impact protection for around-town riding. Remember, you’re not a hider. You’re a seeker. So be sure to pick one up...before it goes mainstream.

Burn that rubber responsibly!


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