Sunday, February 1

Rukka Ceres GTX Gloves: Get a Grip!

Today's market is cut throat. Gear manufacturers are recognizing that they need to step up to the plate to deliver the finest products with the best features, and at good prices to boot. When we look at our gloves, we want all the bells and whistles: waterproof, a high level of protection, let's add in one of those nifty squeegees, and how about some touchscreen capability while we’re at it. Sounds ridiculous right? Well, it’s not. The new Rukka Ceres GTX Gloves bring all of that (and more) to the table!

New for 2015, the Rukka Ceres has been brought in to replace the Vauhti. The Ceres is a perfect glove for everyday and adventure riding. The sporty appearance this leather/ textile hybrid glove conveys is accentuated by its protective components. The carbon fiber knuckles as well as the scaphoid and ulna protection make this glove an excellent choice for riders looking to invest in the safety of their hands. We use our hand for everything from creation to demolition (not to mention for riding our motorcycles!), they deserve all the protection we can give them. But wait! Don’t just protect them from the pavement, let’s also protect them from the elements by outfitting them in the top-of-the-line Gore-Tex X-Trafit material.

If you love the Xtrafit technology and are looking for something a bit less beefy than the Imatra but still want the carbon knuckles, ulna protection, and touchscreen capability not offered by the Apollo, the Ceres is the glove for you. Rukka is paving the way for glove manufacturers to provide you with options that cover all the bases in both form and function. If you are looking for a deal that fits like a glove, look no further than the Rukka Ceres.

- Deidra

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