Sunday, March 1

Klim Apex Hi-Viz Jacket: Life at the Top

Tony - Content Coordinator

The climb to the top ain’t easy. Once you get there, you gotta hang on tight and continue to fight to keep your place. Welcome to life at the apex.

Klim Apex Hi-Viz Motorcycle JacketThe new Klim Apex Hi-Viz Jacket is one of the ones the few to reach this proverbial poll position and it shows no signs of letting go any time soon. Built from the best to be the best, when rocking out this Hi-Viz edition, there is not a place on the jacket that has not been expertly designed, crafted, tested, and implemented during construction. From the D3O compliment of armor to keep you safe, to the Gore-Tex 3 Layer pro shell that will keep you dry no matter what, the Hi-Viz Apex jacket does far more than just stand out from the crowd.

Klim Apex Jacket Review:

For all-weather riders looking for a premium, lightweight, and insanely durable jacket that flows a ton of air, is waterproof, and comes with an arsenal of top-tier features, the Klim Apex is the place to be.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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