Friday, May 1

Dainese Horizon Jacket: Leather & Textile Crossroads

Tony - Content Coordinator

Out there beyond, somewhere your eyes don’t yet see, that is where the next big thing resides; that is where it waits. For those motorcyclists among us, finding that “thing,” whatever it may be, is ingrained within us. It’s why we saddle up. It’s why we venture out. It’s why we work tirelessly to keep from putting the kickstand down at all.

Dainese Horizon Motorcycle JacketThe new Dainese Horizon Jacket is a prime example of a motorcycle gear manufacturer looking ahead and creating a forward-thinking motorcycle jacket. Constructed with a combination of Cordura 750, FK elasticated fabric, and washable Tutu cowhide leather, this is a jacket that brings together the best of multiple worlds. From the functionality features of a textile jacket to the protection, looks, and feel of genuine leather, the Horizon Leather-Textile jacket from Dainese spans the gap and bridges the divide. Additional features include removable composite protectors, substantial levels of fitment adjustability, elasticated inserts, and a jacket-trouser fastening system to keep you well connected.

Dainese Horizon Jacket Review:

Finding your place over the proverbial rainbow takes a solid vision and understanding of the road ahead. With the Dainese Horizon Jacket, you are already a step-ahead.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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