Friday, May 1

Dainese Over Flux Pants: Textile and D-Dry

Tony - Content Coordinator

For years, the thought of motorcycle overpants has lead many to envision plastic parachute pants. Like, if those pants MC Hammer used to wear were to be mixed with a baseball infield tarp. For many options out there over the years, that thought process might not be too far from the truth. However, with the new Dainese Over Flux Pants, a new standard has been set.

The Dainese Flux Textile Overpants are an incredibly intricate option for motorcyclists who don’t want to forgo style or convenience for the utility of a set of overpants. Constructed of quick-dry and boomerang fabric, these pants are durable and built to last. They also come with removable composite protectors as well as ¾ zipper on the legs that allows for easy on/off functionality. At the same time, if you are a rider who wants to trek on regardless of climatic conditions, you can select the Dainese Over Flux D-Dry Pants, which are the waterproof version and come with the removable D-Dry membrane.

Over pants are a great piece of gear for motorcyclists. They allow you to wear destination pants underneath, while still offering the protection and technical features necessary for motorcycle pants. The Dainese Flux Textile Overpants are one of the newest selections out there to consider as you search for the best option for your needs.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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