Thursday, July 9

Aether Loop and Women's Horizon Jackets: Welcome to Aether

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They say that some of the best designs are the ones that look as if they are easy to pull off. Keeping an understated aesthetic while at the same time packing it full of technicality is not easy. Good thing for ardent motorcyclists who prefer streamlined looks and timeless styles Aether has built their entire company on providing just that, and at the highest level.

Aether Loop Motorcycle JacketThe new Aether Loop jacket serves as a great introductory item to the larger Aether line, and their overall company ethos for that matter. The Loop jacket was designed specifically for the urban commuter who wants something that is extremely well-crafted, motorcycle-specific in technicality, and yet still retains the look and feel of something they can comfortably wear when the kickstand is down. From the abrasion-resistant heavy canvas shell, to the fact that it is backed by a full armament of D3O protectors at the shoulders, elbows, and back, the Loop jacket from Aether delivers on all fronts. It also features a moto-mesh interior, padded collar for increased comfort, and zippered vents that can be opened or closed depending on outside temperatures throughout your ride.

Aether Women's Horizon Motorcycle JacketFor the female motorcyclist looking for the same combination of urban styling and all-day motorcycle wearability, the Aether Women’s Horizon Jacket is going to be the right piece of gear for the job. Specially designed not only to retain its styling along with its impressive motorcycle utility, the Horizon jacket from Aether has also been specially envisioned, designed, and crafted to better fit the ergonomics of a female rider. With a more feminine cut, this jacket comes with all of the great features showcased by some of Aether’s Men’s jackets. The Womens Horizon jacket is constructed of a rugged 3-layer field nylon, comes with D3O armor at the shoulders, elbows, and back, has incorporated a mesh lining for comfort/breathability, and has a side zipper adjustment feature for a more custom fit.

In this the new age of motorcycle functionality and off-the-bike styling, Aether is poised to stand tall in the game. The Loop and Women’s Horizon jackets will certainly be two of the most popular in their lineup.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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