Friday, July 31

Gyde by Gerbing 7V Calor Jacket & Vest: For Colder Days to Come

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Well, it’s July. Hot summer days, mild summer nights. It is just delightful. Amongst motorcyclists, we are pretty darn happy. However, we would be remiss to forget that in a matter of months, the cold, bitter, king of un-fun-ness will arrive. When Old Man Winter shows up to the party, Gyde by Gerbing is here to kick him right out on his backside.

Gyde by Gerbing 7V Calor Heated JacketOne of the first pieces to come out of the Gyde transition of Gerbing gear is the Gyde by Gerbing 7V Calor jacket. This is a great option for riders (or walkers) in search of a heated jacket to combat the elements that is both lightweight, versatile, and allows you to walk on untethered from the motorcycle. This full-sleeve option is powered by a dual mode 7 volt battery and wall charger that affords you the mobility to go anywhere and remain warm once the kickstand is down. Constructed with 278 grams of synthetic insulation that are augmented by four Microwire heating zones at the collar, chest (2) and back that can crank up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. For the lady riders out there looking for the same functionality, yet with a little better ergonomic form specifically for females, the Gyde by Gerbing Women’s 7V Calor Jacket is also an option.

Gyde by Gerbing 7V Calor Heated VestIf you are in search of the exact same construction as the full liner, yet prefer the sleeveless variety of jackets, the Gyde by Gerbing 7V Calor Vest might just be the ticket. This is a great choice for riders who are happy with the coverage and insulation of a base layer and over coat, or who are just looking for something a little more minimalist. As with the full jacket, the Gyde Calor Vest is designed to fit snugly so that the four heating zones remain close to your body and provide the best heat. Also like the full jacket, there is a women’s version of the Calor Vest as well. Lady riders can look to the Gyde by Gerbing 7V Women’s Calor Vest for a feminine cut that will provide a more tailored fit than the standard Men’s.

Battery powered heating gear is a great way to keep the warmth going both on and off of the motorcycle. Gerbing has been one of the industry leaders for years, and their new Fall 2015 lineup of Gyde gear is a testament to just how far they have come and how high they reach.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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