Friday, July 31

Speed and Strength SS700 Hammer Down Helmet: And in Hi-Viz!

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Taking to the streets with the right mindset is a necessity. Some of us putt along. We don’t disrupt. We don’t intervene. There is no angst or attitude. We simply roll on the throttle and ride. Then there are the ones amongst us who are somewhat different. The ones who only know one speed, and that is with the throttle open and the proverbial hammer down. Thus is the mission of the Speed and Strength SS700 Hammer Down Helmet.

Speed and Strength SS700 Hammer Down Motorcycle HelmetBuilt upon the SS700 blueprint, the Hammer Down helmet, as well as the Speed and Strength SS700 Hammer Down Hi-Viz, is a high-value helmet that comes at a moderate price point while retaining great features and style. Constructed of an advanced thermo-poly alloy shell and lined with a removable moisture wicking liner, the Speed & Strength SS Hammer Down helmet is a DOT lid with a distinct attitude. With Air Strike direct course ventilation and Lock n Load shield replacement systems in place to make your ride comfy and convenient, the SS700 from Speed & Strength is a great entry-level helmet that hits hard on utility. At the same time, the Hammer Down graphic matches seamlessly with the Speed and Strength jacket by the same name and screams of edgy moto swagger.

Speed & Strength SS700 Hammer Down Helmet Review:

Whether you are looking to match your new Speed and Strength jacket, select a snazzy graphic to augment your moto style, or simply looking for a great helmet at a great price, the S&S Hammer Down helmet has a lot to offer.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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