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Alpinestars Dirt Gloves: Techstar Factor & Techstar Venom

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On-road or off-road? That is the question. Well, it is at least one of the questions anyway. For those who choose off-road, we are all well-aware that the gear that accommodates us on our way is somewhat different than that of those who make their way by asphalt. Light, breathable, and doused in color is what we like. For just such a set of gloves, Alpinestars has introduced its newest Techstar gloves.

Alpinestars Techstar Factory Motorcycle GlovesLike a throwback to the golden arcade years, the new Alpinestars Techstar Factory Gloves are all about the trippy high-visibility combination of visual vibrancy. As would be expected from an off-road pair of gloves, the Factory from the Alpinestars Techstar line are as loud as sound that those pipes make as they roll on the throttle. Lightweight and pre-curved for all-day rider comfort in the hot sun, the Factory graphic is a great choice for any motocross rider in search of equal parts style and substance.

Alpinestars Techstar Factory Gloves Review:

Alpinestars Techstar Venom Motorcycle GlovesThe Alpinestars Techstar Venom Gloves, while also pretty high-octane in their colorways, showcase a smoother transition of color that is a bit more subdued when compared to the Factory gloves (or, as much as subdued can be used to describe motocross gloves!). With incredible stretch capabilities for comfort, silicon print reinforcements for increased durability, and silicon grips on the fingers that allow for a great grip on the controls, the Techstar gloves bring a lot to the table for the off-road rider.

Alpinestars Techstar Venom Gloves Review:

Whether you are racing for the dough, or rocking the throttle through the woods on your own expedition, Alpinestars Techstar gloves are here for the Fall of 2015 and are ready to accompany you all the way.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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