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Alpinestars Off Road: Tech 1 Boots

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Many great riders learn to develop a love of motorcycling from experiences that they garnered in the off-road. At the same time, the off-road can also offer a lively new look at the motorcycling world for the most seasoned of street riders. Long story made short, motocross riding is an extremely versatile discipline that can provide a jumping off point for new riders, or a go-to set of new adventures for those who have been riding on the roads for years.

Alpinestars Tech 1 Motorcycle BootsTo get riders in the game, footwear such as the Alpinestars Tech 1 Boots offer a great choice that pack a ton of functionality into an entry-level price point. Taking into account the vast differences and new challenges that off-road riding requires, the Tech 1 boots offer the details that would be expected of a motocross boot without requiring a massive financial investment. Alpinestars has been a great innovator in motocross for decades and as such they have been able to incorporate their vast experience and some of the features that have become quite popular on their higher-end boots into the Tech 1. From contoured TPU protectors for support and armament, to their newest closure system for secure fitment with ease, the Tech 1 boots from Alpinestars allow for an introductory step into the Astars offroad world.

Alpinestars Tech 1 Boots Review:

Whether you are a rookie in search of a point in which you can get going in your motorcycling endeavors, or a seasoned street pro in search of something new to explore, off-road motorcycling is something worth considering. In doing so, you will need the right gear. The Alpinestars Tech 1 boots are a relatively low-cost, high-value choice when considering what boots to go with as you tear down the trails.

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