Monday, August 24

Alpinestars Tech Jacket: The Right Ingredients

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Having a good ride on a motorcycle when the weather is cold is kind of similar to what is required of a good plate of lasagna, it is all about putting together the right layers. In your delectable dinner dish, it is to add the right symphony of flavorful goodness to each bite. On the back of a steel horse, it really isn’t that much different. Each layer has a part to play in the overall experience. While there are a plethora of options and combinations that are as varied as the road is long, the Alpinestars Tech Jacket is here to provide a solid option for those in search of a good base layer from which to build outward.

Alpinestars Tech Motorcycle JacketThe Tech jacket from Alpinestars is constructed of windstopper arctic polyester fleece. This does wonders to keep the chilling forces of a cool winter wind from sneaking through your outer jacket (which it is apt to do) and swiping away your well-earned body heat. While it is something that people often overlook, the simple act of blocking this wind will often do just as much (if not more) than putting on a lot of “warm” gear that allows air to sneak through. Additional features of the Alpinestars Tech Jacket include stretch arctic fleece panels for added comfort, zippered chest panels, and seamless Lycra cuffs with thumb loops for comfort and warmth.

Alpinestars Tech Jacket Review:

As the weather turns cold and you start to consider the ingredients for your fall and winter weather riding, the Alpinestars Tech Mid Layer is a great place from which to augment your base.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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