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Icon Airframe Pro Graphics: Halo, Pharaoh, and Pleasuredome 2

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Getting the newest helmet on the market is fun. Getting the newest helmet on the market that is also a complete juggernaut of the industry that has more than lived up to the hype is even better. Getting each of those things in a helmet with the right graphical assortment of design elements to fit your style and personal aesthetic is the best. That is what Icon does. Icon makes great helmets, with top-notch features, and with totally unique graphics. To further advance their jump into the Airframe Pro helmet, Icon has released a few new graphical options for stylistic support.
Icon Airframe Pro Halo Motorcycle Helmet
The new Icon Airframe Pro Halo Helmet is the most traditional in style. With the option to go with Black, Red, Green, or Blue highlights, Icon has allowed for the coordination between your bike brand of choice and your new lid. The Halo graphic is subtle by Icon standards and is just that, a graphic. In comparison to some of the other helmets from Icon that feature more robust scenes throughout, the Airframe Pro Halo helmet allows the light touch of color blast to the aft-ward portion. This helmet allows the new line and sleek aerodynamics of this totally redesigned helmet be the focal point while the color selection acts as an added jolt.

Icon Airframe Pro Halo Helmet Review:

As subtle as the Halo graphic is, the next two editions to the world of Icon graphics are equally as in-your-face.
Icon Airframe Pro Pharaoh Motorcycle Helmet
The Icon Airframe Pro Pharaoh Helmet is designed, as you might suspect, to really come hard with the feel of an ancient king-of-the-land theme. The Pharaoh graphic is nothing if it is not highly vibrant. Adorned with the Gold and glimmer that comes with the most powerful rulers of an ancient world, the Pharaoh graphic is its own brand of magically mystic. From the skull-ed out mummy dome on the back of the helmet to the Laser Blue, icey-cold gaze of a pair of menacing eyes that reside above the brow, this is a helmet steeped in an ancient and mysterious power for a go-fast kind of rider.

Icon Airframe Pro Pharaoh Helmet Review:

Icon Airframe Pro Pleasuredome 2 Motorcycle HelmetSo, ummmm, yeah… the Icon Airframe Pro Pleasuredome 2 Helmet. It is, well, ughhhh, it’s a statement maker for sure. With all of the great features of the new Airframe 2 helmet such as a handcrafted composite shell, super aerodynamic shell shape, and sculpted neck roll for less interference while in the tuck position, the Pleasuredome 2 graphic isn’t the only thing about this lid that is robust. That being said, the graphic itself is what sets this helmet apart and puts it in a class of its own. Vivacious astronauts, skeletal space explorers, and total intergalactic robot anarchy abound throughout the Pleasuredome 2.

Icon Airframe Pro Pleasuredome 2 Helmet Review:

Icon makes great helmets. Icon makes great graphics. The Airframe Pro motorcycle helmet and the introduction of the entire lineup of Icon Airframe Pro Helmets stand as a representation of both.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

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