Tuesday, August 25

Mobile Warming 12V Heated Gear: Thinking Ahead

Tony - Content Coordinator

Are you one of those people who buys sunscreen in January so you can have it in stock for the first day of beach season? If so, then perhaps you would like to read on about the new Mobile Warming 12V Heated Gear lineup, and stay ahead of the game.

Mobile Warming Dual Power 12V Heated JacketThe new Mobile Warming Dual Power 12V Jacket is a robust, winter-weather, heated option that is going to provide a great amount of heat for those cold days on the road. By connecting directly to your motorcycle’s power supply, you can be assured an uninterrupted stream of hotness, without needing to think about stopping to recharge any batteries. However, if you do want to go battery-powered, Mobile Warming has a hook up for that too. Ease of control, large heating surfaces, and an extremely comfortable 100% polyester soft shell construction are but a few of the great features. The Mobile Warming Women’s Dual Power 12V Jacket is also available for female riders.

Mobile Warming 12V Heated VestIf you don’t need the full jacket, the new Mobile Warming Dual Power 12V Vest will do the trick just fine. It is constructed of the same high-quality materials and heating instruments as the jacket, just without sleeves. By eliminating the sleeves, you get a smaller profile piece of heated gear that more easily can be packed away, stored, or slid on underneath a more snug fitting outer jacket. Also, it is cheaper. So if you’re the kind of rider whose arms never get chilly, or if you just have some massive biceps and can’t fit them into standard jackets, save yourself some coin and go with the Dual Power Vest. Also, as with the 12V jacket, the Mobile Warming Women’s Dual Power 12V Vest has been designed to better fit women motorcyclists.

Mobile Warming Dual Power 12V Heated PantsWith your top-half covered, the Mobile Warming Dual Power 12V Pants are a beefy choice to take on those frosty days. From the 500D poly-oxford fabric that has been backed by 210T nylon taffeta waterproofing, to the 100g of insulation, the 12V Pants from Mobile Warming are a great combination of rugged heated gear durability, and toasty warm comfort. Additionally, these pants come with a pocket for optional knee armor.

Though the true winter temperatures are hopefully still a few months away, the newest heated gear from Mobile Warming is here for those who like to get things done early.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

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