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Dainese Super Speed D1 Perforated Leather Jacket: The Best

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There is a lot of scholarly writings on what it takes to attain high degrees of “success.” Why are some people pretty good, some really good, and a very few truly remarkable? While there are a thousand ways of saying it (and scholars certainly have a knack for doing just that) it sort of comes down to a few defining characteristics. When it comes to the upper echelon of performers, the ones who go to levels never-before believed to be reachable, paramount amongst those traits is the willingness to step away from the norm, and to dare to innovate.

Dainese Super Speed D1 Leather Motorcycle JacketWith the Dainese Super Speed D1 Leather Jacket, innovation is noticeable in every facet of its makeup. Whether you are on the track or the street, the race-grade D-Skin 2.0 leather (which itself stands as a feat of technological advancement), provides comfort, protection, and a whole heck of a lot of style. Standing as the epitome of the Dainese style, and the Italian moto-sexy ethos that permeates the brand itself, is on full display with the Super Speed D1 jacket. At the same time, all of those good looks come with extreme functionality. From the co-injected shoulders with aluminum inserts, to the InnerTec gloves-to-sleeve fastening system and Nanofeel liner, there is not a piece of the D1 Dainese Super Speed jacket that has not been rigorously researched, examined, and implemented for the betterment of go-fast motorcyclists everywhere. 

Dainese Super Speed D1 Leather Jacket Review:

Dainese Super Speed D1 Perforated Leather Jacket
Oh, but you live in a hot climate? It’s always very hot, huh? Hmm, well, if the Super Speed only came in a full-leather option that would be a tough one. Hot, sticky leather jackets are no fun regardless of how advanced (and stylish!) they are. With that in mind, it sure is a good thing that they created the Dainese Super Speed D1 Perforated Leather Jacket then! With all of the great fitment and features of the regular, the perforated version merely allows for greater flow of air throughout in an attempt to keep you cool throughout the ride.

In the end, it is simple. The Dainese Super Speed D1 Jacket is a motorcycle masterpiece. It is the best, and it is an investment to be sure. For riders in search of the apex of apexes, it is tough to find one more deserving than the D1 Super Speed.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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