Tuesday, September 1

REV'IT! Commuter Textile Pants & Athos Air 2 Vest: For Convenience

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One of the big things that keeps people from gearing up properly is the perceived time / effort that goes into getting ready. Yeah, crazy right. But often times people see the motorcycle gear as a hinderance on their daily trip. It’s not that they don’t believe in the safety features afforded by good gear, they just weigh the hassle and decide against it before really understanding how valuable it is. In an order to combat this thought process, as well as just make things easier for all of the rest of us as well, REV’IT! has introduced two vastly different, yet highly beneficial pieces of gear for the Fall of 2015.

REV'IT! Commuter Motorcycle OverpantsWith the new REV’IT! Commuter Overpants, you get a 3L laminated Hydratex WP overpant that makes getting ready both before and after your ride a piece of cake. With an outer shell that is constructed of a rugged combination of PWR|Shell 3-layer 500D and PWR|Shell 1000D, the Commuter overpants are built to withstand even the most stringent rigors of the road. Billed as one of the most premium, comfortable, high-end motorcycle over-trousers on the market, the REV’IT! Commuter pants slide on over your regular clothes which eliminates the need to jump in and out of multiple layers. With outwardly accessible, adjustable CE 2 SeeFlex knee armor and a super easy on/off design, the Commuter Pants from REV’IT! leave it hard to find an excuse not to rock a set of motorcycle pants for your ride.

REV'IT! Commuter Overpants Review:

REV'IT! Athos Air 2 Motorcycle VestAnother addition that REV’IT! has made to their lineup comes in the form of an update to a previous favorite. With the introduction of the REV’IT! Athos Air 2 Vest, riders can now get the hi-visibility that comes with a full-on hi-viz coat, yet with the simplicity and economic savings that comes from simply throwing a hi-viz vest over the gear that you already have. Features of the newest iteration of the Athos vest can be seen in the more squared off neck, addition of 3M reflectivity, and the addition of an internal pocket for valuables.

REV'IT! Athos Air 2 Vest Review:

Look, riding a motorcycle requires a few more steps than getting into a car. That is true. However, with items such as the Commuter Overpants and the Athos Air 2 Vest, REV’IT! is working hard to make things go with as little consternation (and as much efficiency) as possible.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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