Tuesday, September 1

REV'IT! Pilot Bomber Jacket: NOTHING beats a Flight Jacket

Tony - Content Coordinator

Nothing, repeat that, NOTHING in the world of leather jackets is as cool as the flight jacket. Don’t care. End of story… but ugh, let’s continue anyway.

REV'IT! Pilot Bomber Motorcycle JacketThe REV’IT! Pilot Bomber Jacket is fashioned after the classic, timeless, and forever cool vintage airman jackets. Designed as a 2-3 season, cool - cold weather option, the 1mm - 1.1mm Buffalo leather with waxed finish and removable synthetic fur collar and liner work in tandem to exude uncommon levels of moto-swagger. The REVIT Bomber jacket isn’t just made to look the part either. It has actually been constructed of past materials that have been re-purposed and certified to today’s safety standards. Additionally, the Pilot Bomber jacket from REV’IT comes with Knox Lite armor at the elbows and shoulders, as well as the ability to take an upgradable Seesoft back protector if you so choose.

REV'IT! Pilot Bomber Jacket Review:

From the detail and craftsmanship that can be found in every facet of its construction, to the overall essence of coolness that it conveys, the REVIT! Pilot Leather Bomber Jacket is reserved for the motorcyclist whose taste in jackets is as refined as their style game is strong.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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