Friday, September 18

AGV Helmet Graphics: Audax, Izoard, & Carbon Fury

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Ahhh, tis the season for new helmet launches! Hopefully y’all get just as excited about this stuff as we do. In totally, AGV really let it fly with a plethora of new lid graphics, and the introduction of the K5 to the American market. Regardless of riding style or helmet / graphical preferences, AGV really made the 2016 line of gear about giving riders the option to select what is best for them.

AGV Numo EVO Audax Motorcycle HelmetThe new AGV Numo EVO Audax Helmet is a fitting option for the long-range rider who wants a bit of graphical differentiation, but does not want to scream it through a cranked-up bull horn. The Audax graphic comes in one and only one option. Black. It is not flashy, nor does it intend to be. It is a stone-cold, by choice understatement that gives an addition of humble flash to the AGV Numo EVO modular helmet on which it is based. From the light stripes accentuating the back of the head and the jawline, to the lightly ghosted AGV lettering as well, the Audax graphic keeps it classy.
AGV GT Veloce Izoard Motorcycle Helmet
As something a little more “BAM,” those touring riders need look no further than the new AGV GT Veloce Izoard Helmet. While this helmet is not a modular like the Numo EVO Audax, it is a totally revamped version of one of AGV’s most aggressive track helmets, and has been completely tailored to the needs of long-haul riders who spend a lot of time in the saddle. The Izoard graphic radiates around the outer shell like a molten-hot crack of liquid magma set against a great split in the earth itself. There is absolutely no missing this lid in a crowd, and there are few out there which at the same time provide street functionality with high-end features.

AGV AX-8 DS Carbon Fury Motorcycle HelmetIf neither of these are your style, perhaps the new AGV AX-8 DS Carbon Fury Helmet would be more to your liking. As a Dual-Sport lid, the AX-8 DS Carbon Fury comes with a much more angular design and signature “peak” over the visor that works to deflect dirt, rocks, and any other debris from the bikes in front of your (not that there ever will be bikes in front of you, because you will obviously be leading the pack!). With the look of a moto-ninja with mad swagger, and good taste in carbon fiber helmets, the Carbon Fury graphic from AGV is a truly premium choice.

Welcome Fall 2015. We are happy you are here, for it lets us see what is new and exciting from the top motorcycle gear manufacturers throughout the world as they look ahead to 2016. AGV is definitely among those at the top of the list from we have seen, and their new graphics are a big reason for that.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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