Wednesday, October 14

Bell Revolver EVO Rally Helmet: Bold New Graphics

Bold New Graphics! Since the 1980s, the “BNG” tagline was used by motorcycle manufacturers who otherwise made no changes to a newly graphic-ed bike. Now, most moto-manufacturers make BNG a yearly change, whether those manufacturers produce the bikes we ride or the helmets we strap on our heads.

Bell Revolver EVO Rally Motorcycle HelmetSporting the BNG ethos, the Bell Revolver EVO Rally Helmet is ready to go. Bell’s popular and nicely-priced modular helmet, the Revolver EVO, boasts Transitions SolFX Photochromic Face Shield compatibility and is sporting a new, relatively reserved graphic with wide appeal. The Rally graphic has made an appearance on most helmets in Bell’s line, and the Rally Mat for the Revolver EVO comes with the added bonus of a matte finish. If black and white is your flavor, the Matte Black has you covered. If a more aggressive combination floats your boat, the Matte Green/Orange should do it, particularly if you like a smattering of tactical with your color schemes.

Bell Revolver EVO Rally Helmet Review:

BNG may be used derisively in some circles, but Bell has provided some BNGs in flavors that should suit every palate, if not every palette. So, moonwalk on over and get your BNG on!

- Clutterham

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