Wednesday, October 14

Bell Rogue and Pit Boss: Arc & Pinstripe Graphics

You ever find a sweet, solid helmet and think to yourself - man, I wish that helmet had a classy, understated graphic? Bell has answered your thought wishes with the new Bell Rogue Arc and the Bell Pit Boss Pin graphic helmets. I am happy to say that two of the most stylish half helmets on the market have stepped up their aesthetic game.
Bell Rogue Arc Motorcycle Helmet
Bane did not know the light of graphics until he was already a man. In keeping with the rugged, earthy Batman villain, subtle is the name of the game with the new Bell Rogue Arc Helmet. The helmet features a smooth combination of a frosty gunmetal grey swept over the crown of the helmet with black arched panels on either side. The new graphic is definitely in tune with the under-the-radar, urban rider.

Bell Rogue Arc Helmet Review:

Stripes may not actually make you go faster, but they sure make you look cooler! The accents on the new Bell Pit Boss Pin graphic conjure images of vintage race styling, streamlined with pops of color. Available in black, orange or maroon accents, this new helmet graphic allows the Boss to color-coordinate with his or her Pit. If flame accents or checkers are not your preferred prints, turn down the stereo volume to a comfortable but noticeable 6 with a flattering pinstripe.

Bell Pit Boss Pinstripe Helmet Review:

A small amount of pop without too much sizzle is really the bottom line for the arc and pin graphics. For the edgy urban rider, the classic cafe enthusiast and everyone in between, these new half helmet graphics occupy a comfortable style space between the bold and the yawn.

- Heather

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