Thursday, October 15

REV'IT! Waterproof Boots: Scout, Compass, Trail, & Gravel

Tony - Content Coordinator

The mainstream media has the election cycle, sports media has the playoffs, and we here in the motorcycle media have showcases like the American International Motorcycle Expedition. These are the times when news comes with rocketfuel speed, the landscape is constantly changing, and we just keep running along making sure we keep our feet!

Speaking of feet, one such instance of the fast moving ever-faster is the recent unveiling of the new REV’IT! H2O Boots from the Orlando Convention Center floor.

REV'IT! Scout H2O Motorcycle BootsFirst on the list is the REV’IT! Scout H2O Boots. These are going to be low(er) cut boot that retains the same fit and functionality of its bigger brothers, yet with the added mobility and comfort of a lower rise. Noting the REVIT style when it comes to boots, the Scout H2Os, will be a rugged, ADV/Touring inspired boot for light to medium level work on the bike. The low cut will reduce the level of protection that you would want for really getting after it on the off-road, but for cruising down the highway in comfort, they will be right on the money.

REV'IT! Compass H2O Motorcycle BootsFor a step up, the REV’IT! Compass H2O Boots are just the ticket. These will retain that signature REVIT style and work well for the long-range rider who doesn’t turn back when the weather gets mean. These will be a step in between the Scout and the Trail boots, and provide added coverage with reduced bulk. As with all REV’IT gear, the Compass boots will undoubtedly provide the requisite moto-specific protection while remaining durable throughout time, and looking pretty fly too!

Then there are the new REV’IT! Trail H2O Boots are something that should definitely be on any ardent rider’s radar. These look to be a beefed up version of the Compass and will provide the most protection of the bunch based on initial speculations. As with all of the boots on this list, the H2O waterproofing will keep your feet dry and your ride more comfortable through inclement weather conditions.

REV'IT! Gravel OutDry Motorcycle BootsFinally on the list of new REV'IT! boots are the REV'IT! Gravel OutDry Boots. These are going to be the Rolls Royce's of the lineup.  As the name would suggest, these boots will make use of the OutDry waterproofing which provides world-class functionality and will keep you dry come whatever. At the same time, what really sets OutDry apart is its ability to be directly laminated to the boot itself, thus streamlining fitment and eliminating the need for another internal layer. Not bad. Also, these boots kind of look like they belong on speed racers zooming around Endor, and who wouldn't like that!

These are all first look impressions of the newest boots in the REV’IT! lineup. Not a whole lot of information is available on these boots at the moment, other than the fact that they are on their way, so there will certainly be more from RevZilla regarding them in the future.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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