Wednesday, October 14

TCX X-Avenue Waterproof Boots: Always Fly

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So you’re scheduled to walk the runway at NY Fashion week. All of the major fashion magazines will be there. Big deal. But you are looking out at traffic from your penthouse in the city and there is now way you will get there in time, unless… you have the valet bring around your custom vintage cafe racer and zoom-zoom, you are there. Your assistants help you will all of your fashion gear, you are a champion so you never have helmet hair, the lights go down, the house music comes up, and you take your first steps onto the walkway only to realize that in all of the commotion you never changed out of your riding shoes! Well, good thing for you that in this totally hypothetical scenario you are wearing the TCX X-Avenue Waterproof Boots, because, oh yeah... it is raining too.

TCX X-Avenue Waterproof Motorcycle BootsThe X-Avenue boots stand right at the intersection between motorcycle boots and dress shoes. While the casual moto has been done at great length over the past couple of years, the X-Avenue looks at it from another direction. The full grain leather upper that has been meticulously fashioned for refined sophistication is not casual at all. In fact, it is quite dressy. That is not to say that it would not go well with a pair of riding jeans and a dinner date, it is just to note that you would look mega-fly doing it. From the malleolus reinforcements to the removable shift pad and leather-coated footbed with anti-shock heel insert, TCX has at the same time not forgotten that these are meant to be worn on a motorcycle, and as such, as with the rest of their boots, the X-Avenue has been designed to meet and exceed CE safety standards.

TCX X-Avenue Waterproof Boots Review:

Whether you are walking the runway or walking to work, the TCX X-Avenue boots are an on-the-go, fashion-forward motorcyclist’s go-to for footwear. TCX for the win, and the cover shoot.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,


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