Monday, January 4

Dainese Dyno D1 and Dyno Pro D1 Shoes

Are you looking for a short boot that offers ample protection but will allow you to walk around off the bike? Look no further than the Dainese Dyno. They are pretty much a cut down version of a Dainese race boot that does not look too suspect under a pair of jeans.

The Dainese Dyno Pro D1 Shoes, Dyno D1, and Women's Dyno D1 shoes have all received a series of refinements.  The new Dyno D1 has an updated shift panel, reduced heel/ankle TPU, shock absorption heel insert, and new styling. This all adds up to a slimmer boot with more feel and style. The men’s Dyno D1 will be offered in Euro size 38-41 and the women’s will be offered in sizes 36-42.  The ugly stripe is now gone but the price has been bumped up to $249.
Dainese Dyno Pro D1 Motorcycle Shoes

Dainese Dyno Pro D1 Shoes Review:

The Dyno Pro D1 is offered as the step up over the base Dyno D1. It features full microfiber construction, full TPU heel/ankle, magnesium on the outer side/ankle/ toe slider, and an air canalization system for the top of the foot. The step up to these features will cost you. The new Dyno Pro sells for $299. The men’s Dainese Dyno D1 Shoes will be offered in Black/Anthracite, Black/ Floro Red, and Black/White/Anthracite. The Women's Dyno D1 Shoes and the Dainese Dyno Pro D1 will be offered in Black/Anthracite, and Black/White/Anthracite only.
Dainese Dyno D1 Motorcycle Shoes

All of the new Dyno shoes feature the standard Dainese slightly narrow fit and are CE Category 2 rated. After riding in a pair of the old Dyno shoes for close to 5 seasons now I can honestly say they served me well. The Dyno is the perfect shoe to rock for some aggressive street riding and to walk around town. I have yet to find a show that better blends feel, protection, and comfort. The new Dainese Dyno Pro D1, Dyno D1, and Dainese Women's Dyno D1 Shoes should find a place in every rider's gear closet.
Dainese Women's Dyno D1 Motorcycle Shoes

- Hansen

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