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Olympia Airglide 5 Jacket & Airglide 4 Pants: For Riders

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Widely known for their steadfast commitment to motorcycle-functionality, Olympia has made their name in previous years by packing their gear with a great bang-for-your-buck. One of the staples of their lineup has been the Airglide series. With multi-season functionality, loads of features, and a pedigree for long-range touring through a variety of riding scenarios, the Airglide name has become a pillar of the brand. For 2016, Olympia has taken the next step and introduced new options in both the Airglide jacket and pants categories.

Olympia Airglide 5 Motorcycle JacketThe Olympia Airglide 5 Jacket represents the latest in the lineage of Airglide gear. Constructed of a durable 500 denier Cordura that has been augmented for airflow with ballistic mesh, the Airglide 5 is a jacket that will work well to keep you cool on those long-hot days in the saddle. At the same time, however, it is far from a one-trick-pony as it also comes ready for varying climatic conditions as well. The inclusion of a waterproof, Thermolite-insulated two-stage liner allows for this jacket to go deeper into the cooler months, as well as through inclement weather. This capability to go further, longer, and more comfortably is what Olympia is all about, and the Airglide 5 stands as the embodiment of that ethos. Additional features include removable CE-approved Motion Flex armor at the shoulders, elbows, and back, as well as 3M Scotchlite reflectivity that allows you to stand out more in low-visibility scenarios.

Olympia Airglide 5 Jacket Review:

Olympia Airglide 4 Motorcycle PantsTo go along with the the new Airglide jacket, or simply as a stand-alone piece of their own, the Olympia Airglide 4 Pants are also a new addition to the lineup for 2016. As with the jacket, the combination of 500 denier Cordura and ballistic mesh comes together to make the Airglide 4 pants highly efficient in flowing air without forgoing the longevity, durability, and protection that one would expect from Olympia. Additional features of the Airglide 4 Pants include CE-approved Motion Flex armor at the knees, full side leg zippers, a relaxed tailored fit that can be honed with Custom Fit detailing, and a waterproof liner that can be used over or under the Airglide 4 Pants when the weather turns wet.

Olympia Airglide 4 Pants Review:

Olympia is all about riders. Plain and simple. They make great gear for motorcyclists who want to spend a lot of time in the saddle, without spending a king’s ransom on gear. The Airglide has been a major part of this mission for years, and with the introduction of the Airglide 5 Jacket and Airglide 4 Pants, it is a legacy that is sure to continue for many more.

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