Friday, January 15

Speed and Strength Women's Comin' In Hot: Jacket & Gloves

Speed and Strength (SS) does it again with their new Speed and Strength Women's Comin’ in Hot Jacket. It is a 3 season warm weather textile riding jacket designed with their new AR1000 stretch material. This new AR1000 material really allows this jacket to fit great on all body types due to the stretch. Whether you are curvy or slim, this jacket will look great. The AR1000 basically stands for 1000 denier polyester, which translates to a higher abrasion resistance than the industry standard which comes in at about 500 denier.

Speed and Strength Women's Comin' In Hot Motorcycle Jacket

Speed & Strength Women's Comin' In Hot Jacket Review:

SS gave this jacket their new CE level 1 Vault armor in the elbows, shoulders and back. So, right out of the gate, there is no further investment for protection. The collar is comfy, because it is lined with neoprene which is always a plus in my book and even is a low cut collar. That way it does not choke you at the neck, no matter your riding position. At a $299 price point, it is quite a contender and even our higher end brands could learn from the fitment add on’s this jacket offers. With gussets at the hip, and straps at the waistline, you can really fine tune this jacket to your body ladies That way you not only look like a woman on a motorcycle, which seems to be hard to find with motorcycle gear, but the jacket even moves with your natural curves as well. To sum things up ladies, this jacket is Sexy, Protective, and offers a Great Fit! The Comin’ In Hot jacket is a real winner for Spring 2016!

I know it is hard to think of summer when it is 30 degrees outside and heat is about the only thing on your mind. But, SS is hoping to bridge the gap this summer, since we will be expecting higher than usually temps. To get you ready for that, the Speed and Strength Women's Comin’ In Hot Gloves should be on your wish list. Now it is a super lightweight glove, which I would honestly only recommend for use on Dirt or riding in the back woods on some type of DS bike. It is designed as a full mesh glove at the top with goatskin leather at the palm. The material is comfortable, feels natural and even has hard molded plastic knuckles. However, if you are a protection nazi, check out some of their full leather options.

Speed and Strength Women's Comin' In Hot Motorcycle Gloves

Speed & Strength Women's Comin' In Hot Gloves Review:

If you really just care about staying cool and having lightweight protection for even on-road riding, then let the Comin’ In Hot collection keep you cool this Spring!

- Rania

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