Monday, February 22

Alpinestars Stella Devon Jacket: The Full Spectrum

Do you remember the Vika Jacket?  Good looking, stylish, protective - but hot as hell in the summer. Well, if you don’t mind an Astars logo or two and you live in a hot / humid climate, you’ll want to check out the Alpinestars Stella Devon Airflow Jacket.  Simple, stylish, actually protective?  It’s been awhile since I’ve worn women’s clothes, but now might be the time to start.

Alpinestars Stella Devon Leather Motorcycle JacketLet’s start off with the 1.1mm thick full grain leather construction.  Nice, right?  On top of that, the Stella Devon Airflow has a fully perforated chassis, keeping you nice and cool and comfortable all day long.  Shoulder, elbow, and the option for chest and back armor will make sure you’re protected from all things nasty on the street.  There’s plenty of stretch material incorporated into the jacket as well, so it’ll have a good, snug fit right out of the box.  Articulated arms mean it’ll feel right at home on your bike.   It even has an extended lumbar region, so you can say goodbye to plumber’s butt! And of course, if you are a rider who prefers a non-perf option, there is of course the Alpinestars Devon Leather Jacket as well.

Alpinestars Devon Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review:

For too long has women’s gear just been a dumbed-down version of a men’s piece.  No longer!  Alpinestars is taking a step in the right direction here, with a proper performance jacket that doesn’t skimp on protection.  It’s not coated in pink dye either, which is always nice.


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