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Klim Adventure Gloves: Long & Short

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Providing top-quality gear to the off-road enthusiasts has been the mainstay of the Klim brand for years. They make rugged, durable, high-performance pieces that come ready for the workload thrust their way by some of the best riders on the planet. Time and time again, all they do is continue to be the best. With the new lineup of gear for 2016, they are showing no signs of slowing down or reversing that trend.

Klim Adventure Long Motorcycle GlovesWhen it comes to gloves, riders preferences vary wildly. To make things a bit easier, the Klim Adventure Gloves come in two versions. With the Klim Adventure Long Gloves and the Klim Adventure Short Gloves both being available, riders can select if they would rather have the added protection of a longer gauntlet, or the increased mobility of a short cuff. Klim understands, and they have packed both with the same discerning features, so regardless of what riders choose, they will be rocking the best.

Klim Adventure Gloves Review:

Klim Adventure Short Motorcycle GlovesThe Adventure gloves from Klim have been brought in to replace the Element and feature Gore-Tex and Gore-Grip technologies which guarantee to keep your hands dry and feeling the controls well in wet conditions. With all leather construction and ceramic print knuckle / palm pad protectors, the Adventure gloves have also put a heavy dose of protection into the mix as well. Additional features include a visor wipe, moisture-wicking internal lining, and ample adjustability for comfort on a variety of hand shapes.

For wherever you go, and whatever your glove-coverage preference, the Klim Adventure Gloves are ready to accompany with style, functionality, and protection throughout your ride.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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