Monday, February 1

REV'IT! Akira Race Suit: Looking Ahead

Philip - Gear Geek

Winter, not a great time of year for a motorcyclist with the cold temperatures, snow, ice, salt and sand. So we spend lots of time looking forward to warm weather and pouring over new riding gear. In my case I look at what track worthy things need to be done, or cool track gear on the horizon. REV’IT! does not disappoint with the new REV'IT! Akira Race Suit.

REV'IT! Akira Motorcycle Race SuitReplacing the hunter at the top of REV’IT!’s race suit line up the Akira looks pretty similar on the outside. Using Full grain Agostini leather (it sounds like an Italian name but really it’s from Brazil which is more supple yet the same strength as Monaco leather. Lots of perforation to stay comfortable in hot weather at the track. Fewer seams in the arms as they have gone to a 2 piece leather construction, so less chance for failure. Plenty of stretch panels throughout the suit will make maneuverability easier.

REV'IT! Akira Race Suit Review:

Overall a worthy replacement for the Hunter, though a little more perforation could be had. For you REV’IT! fans out there the Akira will be an excellent choice to add to the closet. As for me, back to daydreaming of warmer days and watching track videos in preparation for next season.

- PhilaZilla

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